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Chinook Jargon[+/-]

Formae aliae[+/-]


Francogallice: la langue

Nomen substantivum[+/-]


  1. lingua (-ae, fem.)
    1. Pars corporis.
    2. Sermo.

Dictiones collatae[+/-]



saec. XIX.

  • 1862: Le lang ... TongueDictionary of Indian tongues: containing most of the words and terms used in the Tshimpsean, Hydah, & Chinook
  • 1863: La‐láng, n. French, LA LANGUE. The tongue; a language.Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon, or Trade Language of Oregon, George Gibbs
  • 1871: Lalak, tongue. — Chinook dictionary, catechism, prayers and hymns, Modeste Demers et Francis Norbert Blanchet
  • 1890: Lalang, lalan, F.. the tongue; language.An international idiom: a manual of the Oregon trade language, or "Chinook jargon", Horatio Hale

saec. XX.

  • 1909: La lang, the tongue. — The Chinook Jargon And How To Use It, George C. Shaw