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Translatio automatica, non solum formae Monobook, sed etiam formae articulorum, in “Praeferentiae” sub “Lingua”. Quaeso, redde exemplum et adde hic.

We can have automatic translation, not just of the site interface but also of the article format, by going to "Praeferentiae" and changing "Lingua".

If you're not logged in, you can just add uselang=xx (replacing 'xx' with the code for your language) to the URL. Some examples:


If there is no translation of a template for your language yet, you will simply see the Latin. In that case, please translate it: the pagename will be [[Mediawiki:templatename/language-code]]; if you are not a sysop you can't edit the example directly but you can add it to the talk page and it will be taken care of.

Exempla reddenda[+/-]

  • /divisiones — divisiones paginae (notatio, usus, appellatio, etc.) et partes orationis (verbum, adiectivum, etc.)
  • /linguae — Nomina linguarum (forma adverbiale, ut Latine, Anglica Antiqua, etc.)





Soliti exempla[+/-]