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New model[+/-]

We need a new model to work with. I prefer the french model mixed with some other dictionaries. If you have any other ideas, i'll hear from you. -- DenisWasRight (disputatio) 15:59, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)

I agree, the French model is acceptable, though it's not very different from other wiktionaries, or is it?
Up to now an outstanding property of Victionarium was the fact, that there's no agglomeration of multiple language entries on one page. Each language has its own page and there's a kind of disambiguation page (like in Wikipedia, but called "discretiva") which has links to all existing pages of the same or a similar lemma in different languages. It's my opinion that this property should be kept, independently of the new layout of an individual page. --YaganZ (disputatio) 16:57, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)
I will make some examples and let you decide which one is the right one. Your idea about the discretiva is good. We keep it that way. -- DenisWasRight (disputatio) 18:12, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)

Gadget for adding translations[+/-]

We need the gadget for adding translations without editing the page. We can use the english tamplate trans-top and the script to create it. Unfortunately I'm not good at that. -- DenisWasRight (disputatio) 15:59, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)

I'll take a look at how difficult or easy it is to transfer the template to Victionarium. I did a lot of interwiki template transfers, but sometimes it was necessary to transfer a complete infrastructure of sub-templates too. --YaganZ (disputatio) 17:38, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)
Needs a lot of work, but I'm sure when is done it will make the entries much easier. In this time nobody wants to edit the whole page. So we need to make something easier to work with. -- DenisWasRight (disputatio) 18:12, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)


We for sure will need a bot to make all this changes. I can't write one, so we will need to find someone els. -- DenisWasRight (disputatio) 15:59, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)

OK, if we are going to have some specification of what has to be changed, I'll ask for help. --YaganZ (disputatio) 17:15, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)
Once we decided how the model should look, we then see what we can do about it. -- DenisWasRight (disputatio) 18:12, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)


We also shall need some new codes for MediaWiki:Common.css and .js to make working here easy. We can use some of the other wiktionary's -- DenisWasRight (disputatio) 15:59, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)

I already inserted some CCS code into my private commons.css to make the inflection tables look better. The MediaWiki:* pages are protected, so we need administrator rights to modify. --YaganZ (disputatio) 17:12, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)
It will take time, but I'm sure the la Wikipedia will give us the rights. -- DenisWasRight (disputatio) 18:12, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)

Policy pages[+/-]

To make the work for our user easy we must write some policy pages to prevent users copying information from dictionaries with copyright on it. -- DenisWasRight (disputatio) 15:59, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)

I don't think this to be an urgent topic but you might "borrow" some text from Vicipaedia. Since this is the Latin wiktionary, it would be a good idea to offer the policies in Latin too. --YaganZ (disputatio) 17:23, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)
It's not so urgent but we keep that in mind. Maybe this is the most calm please of them all. In other dictionaries you have a lot of vandalisme. I don't see that here. -- DenisWasRight (disputatio) 18:12, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)


I will create templates for the labels so we can categorize words by topics. -- DenisWasRight (disputatio) 16:13, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)

I'm not sure which kind of topics you mean. I spent a lot of work to categorize by linguistic topics inside templates. I guess you mean semantic or physical topics, but I'll see. --YaganZ (disputatio) 17:32, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)
Now, labels for words that are about biology or science. That sort of topics. We can categorize words by using a template. -- DenisWasRight (disputatio) 18:12, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)