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Testing Furigana display.

The いるか
is an important animal.

Perhaps. (Works for me.)

Using {{furi|海豚|いるか}} we may speak about the いるか
inline (unless we're using Firefox, in which case it will display the kana first, start a new line, display the kanji, and continue. This is fine for the citation forms in articles, which appear at the beginning of the line anyway, but really sours it for inline display. This interpolation is partly explanatory, but mostly also to make sure the line wraps, to show the effect of the furigana template in block text, and how it handles inter-line spacing, which is to say: not gracefully). With brackets we can link the words, as いるか

Prettified es-esque templates. o-o[+/-]

PiscisLatine                Lingua Latina: Orthographia | Appellatio | Morphologia | Inflexio | Thesaurus

pis‧c|is, -is m[+/-]

  • Appellatio:
    /ˈpiskis/ (classice)
    /ˈpiʃis/ (ecclesiastice)
  • Formae aliae: piſcis
    Non forma rata est. Solum ut exemplum stat.
  • Notatio: A lingua prisca Indeuropaea *pisk-.


III. decl. nominativ. vocativ. accusativ. genetiv. dativ. ablativ.
singular. pis‧cis pis‧cis pis‧cem pis‧cis pis‧cī pis‧ce
plural. pis‧cēs pis‧cēs pis‧cēs pis‧ci‧um pis‧ci‧bus pis‧ci‧bus