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la-2 Hic usuarius media Latinitate contribuere potest
nom. Mycēs
voc. Mycā
acc. Mycēn
gen. Mycae
dat. Mycae
abl. Mycā

Myces (-ae, m.) sum.

“All art is completely useless.”

Quae a Myca agenda sunt:

(recensere - historia - custodire - purgare)



  • Victionarium:Index exemplorum (list of templates)
  • Changing sidebar-templates to format that fits under Collatae
  • Capitalization !!
  • Make sure associated-terms templates link to the pages they're used on (checking casing and disambiguity)

This month's daily patrol: Usor:Mycēs/1

-xx- vs. xx template use[+/-]

From Special:Mostlinked, out of the most-linked language templates.... -xx- outranking xx suggests that words in xx are defined more often than mentioned; to fix this, make sure words are mentioned in etymologies, and are entered as translations... xx outranking -xx- suggests words in xx are mentioned more often than defined; to fix this, make entries for words appearing in etymologies and translations...

[∅ = too low to be measured automatically. As of 21:09, 22 Decembris 2005 (UTC)]

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-xx- prevailing[+/-]