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Victionarium:Salve, tiro!

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Salve! Gratus aut grata apud Victionarium acceperis. Victionarium liber et multilingue dictionarium et thesaurus, quod collaboratione scriptum in hac pagina interretiali est. Quispiam quamquam paginam recensere potest, et historia mutatorum relata est. A Maio mense 2022, 36 758 lemmata creata sunt.

Hoc inceptum adhuc parvum, cum paucis usuariis, sed omnes grati sunt. Rationem aperire haud necesse est si contribuere velis, sed beneficia ei sunt. Vel cum ratione vel sine ea, aude in paginis recensendis. Si frequenter hic eris, fortasse nuper mutata aspectare voles.

One of the most important things you should know is that we have borrowed some cultural norms from the sister Wikipedia project that you should respect. We try not to argue pointlessly. This isn't a debate forum. After civilized and reasonable discussion, we try to reach a broad consensus about what entries should say to present accurate, neutral summaries of all relevant facts for future readers. We try to make the entries as unbiased as we can, which means that the definitions or descriptions, even on controversial topics, are not meant to be platforms for preaching of any kind. Bear in mind that this is a dictionary, which means there are many things that it is not. If you feel uncomfortable with making changes to someone else's work, and you want to add your thoughts, questions or comments about an article, the place to do that is the article's talk page (click on the 'Discuss this page' link in the sidebar or at the bottom of the article, depending on the skin of your preference). Again, though, we generally try to avoid discussion for its own sake. You will find more about community norms in the links listed below.

You might expect Wiktionary to be a low-quality product because it's open to everyone. But, perhaps it's the fact that it is open to everyone that has the potential to make a lot of these definitions pretty good, and ever-improving. To alter a now-famous catchphrase: "Given enough eyeballs, all errors are shallow." We tend to cater to the highest common denominator — "lower denominators" tend politely not to touch articles they know nothing about! We hope you have fun.

Many Wiktionarians may also be Wikipedians.

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See the Community Portal for more policy and style guidance.