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Gratus aut grata apud Victionarium Latinum acciperis! Ob collata tua gratias agimus, speramusque te delectari et manere velle. Cum Victionarium nostrum parvum humileque sit, paucae et exiguae sunt paginae auxilii, sed quid ni his incipias?

Quando in paginis disputationis, memento scriptis tuis subsignare, litteris imprimendis ~~~~, quae sua sponte et nomen tuum et diem dabunt. Siquid quaerere volueris, vel apud Tabernam vel in pagina mea disputationis rogato. Ave, spero te "Victionarianum" aut "Victionarianam" fore velle!

--YaganZ (disputatio) 11:33, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)Reply

Your ideas of a nice and clean wiktionary model[+/-]

Thanks for offering your help. I'm looking forward to your ideas. Victionarium should be a suitable candidate for modernization.

I don't know how I can help you, so you have to tell me. I had 5 years of Latin education at high school, but that was a lot of years ago. When I noticed that the Latin wiktionary is virtually orphaned, I decided to refresh my knowledge by reviving this project. Another contributor is highly appreciated.

You might answer here or create a new topic on the more public platform "Taberna". --YaganZ (disputatio) 11:33, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)Reply

I think we need to change the all damn place. The Lingua Latina is an interesting language, so I think we can make something better of this project. I see you're good in programing and think you can help me with some templates or Modules(Lua) wich requires CSS or JavaScript. We can discuss those things on "Taberna", but the old stuff should be archived. I'm looking forward! -- DenisWasRight (disputatio) 11:49, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)Reply
Archiving the old stuff is a good idea. Do you know how to create an archive properly? I don't have the slightest notion how to do it. --YaganZ (disputatio) 12:52, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)Reply
Yes I know. Do you want to be an administrator here? Maybe we should ask the Latin Wiki to give you the rights. Also do you know how to write bots etc. If we choose a new model we for sure will need a one to make all the changes. As a start we maybe should have a template trans-top like the english wiktionary. -- DenisWasRight (disputatio) 13:09, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)Reply
I'm sorry, I don't have any experience with bots and don't know how to write the code, do you? I could ask for help from an user, whom I know personally and who is active in the German wiktionary. Up to now I was occupied with creating templates only, and adapting LUA modules for my needs when MediaWiki code couldn't be used.
I wasn't engaged in administrative activities so far, but I'm aware that we need an administrator to do some fundamental changes, and I would do the job if necessary.
To introduce the translation section as it is in the English wiktionary, we definitely need a bot. But I'm not sure if this topic is the best one to begin with. It's no trifle, the existing translation sections are too inhomogenous.
What other ideas do you have?
It would be nice to have a list of topics that can be discussed and estimated for feasability and expense. --YaganZ (disputatio) 14:58, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)Reply
I have asked to give both of us administrator rights. We do have them to modify Common.css and .js, renaming pages with the links etc. As for the topics, you can find them at the Taberna. -- DenisWasRight (disputatio) 15:41, 30 Maii 2016 (UTC)Reply

You are producing GARBAGE[+/-]

Please stay away from the Discretiva pages and the associated templates. You are creating garbage all over the Victionarium! --YaganZ (disputatio) 17:27, 4 Iunii 2016 (UTC)Reply

Okay, good luck with the project. -- DenisWasRight (disputatio) 17:32, 4 Iunii 2016 (UTC)Reply