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"Pages (such as this one) that are geared more towards editors than users of the dictionary go into subcategories of § Victionarium. The mark '§' before a category is used to separate it from the regular category space. (Is this necessary/useful?)"

  • I doubt that it is necessary. Useful? Maybe. But irritating? Maybe too.
  • ATM there are [[Categoria:Victionarium]] (created 2004) & [[Categoria:§ Victionarium]] (created 2005). That's kind of stupid and irritating too as it includes pages/categories geared more towards editors.
  • Instead of discussing whether it should be with or without "§", it should be discussed how to categorise things. E.g. when putting it like "main category -> sub category for word related things -> sortings per thema, [in]flections of words, ..." & "main category -> everything else, e.g. templates", one doesn't need the "§" stuff.

"Cities: subcategorized by country, like Category:Urbes in Italia."

  • I doubt that that is a good idea. The country a city is in can change and can be controversial. E.g. look at Crimea, is it Russian or Ukrainian? Maybe subcategories by geographical regions can be better, e.g. "Crimea", where it doesn't matter to whom it belongs.

"Topic categories shouldn't be subcategorized by language"

  • Why not? What if someone just wants to see e.g. Latin names of nationes? AFAIR there is no way to get a cross category out of "Latin words" and "names of nationes" for "Latin names of nationes".

-Quark8967 (disputatio) 20:01, 29 Novembris 2014 (UTC)