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Formae aliae[+/-]


Gamilaraay: Gamilaraay
gamilnon” + -araay-osus

Nomen proprium[+/-]

Kamilaroi (pl: Kamilaroi vel Kamilarois)

  1. Quidam populus indigenus Australianus, Novae Cambriae Australiae.
  2. Lingua eius populi.
  3. (confusio)Awabakal
1846: One of the dialects selected was that spoken by the natives who wander over the region bordering on Hunter’s River and Lake Maquarie [sic] (or on the coast, in about lat. 33° S). ... The name of Kāmilarai, it should be remarked, is that given to the people of this district (or rather, perhaps, to their language) by the natives of Wellington Valley. —United States Exploring Expedition: Ethnography and Philology, Horatio Hale


saec. XIX.

saec. XX.

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