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This template simply displays a parameter name between a vertical line and an equal sign, as is seen in template calls. (This is useful in template documentation and in talk page discussions of templates.)

To display a parameter name surrounded by {{{triple-braces}}}, use {{param}}.

To display a parameter name with a parenthesis after it on a template documentation page, use {{docparam}}.


This template takes up to two positional (unnamed) parameters:

  • |1= the name of the parameter (may be empty if second parameter is present)
  • |2= a corresponding value for the parameter (optional if first parameter is present)


  1. {{para|name}}
    Result: |name=
  2. {{para|title|<var>book title</var>}}
    Result: |title=book title
  3. {{para||section}}
    Result: |section. This is useful for referring to values of unnamed parameters; note the empty first parameter in the template call.
  4. {{para|<var>parameter</var>|<var>value</var>}}
    Result: |parameter=value
  5. {{para|=|foo}}
    Result: |=foo

When using literal, pre-specified values, simply provide the value (appearance as in example 3). When illustrating hypothetical, variable or user-definable values, use <var>value</var> (appearance as in example 2), and the same should be done for non-literal, example parameters (as in example 4).