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Improving the template[+/-]

  • Embedding: {{vicipaedia|DISPLAYED_TITLE}}
  • Text: "[[w:Vicipaedia|Vicipaedia]] articulum habet de '''''[[w:PAGENAME|DISPLAYED_TITLE]]'''''"
  • English wiktionary, en:Template:wikipedia, & German wiktionary, de:Vorlage:Wikipedia: {{wikipedia|article|link title|lang=language code}} (&c.) & {{Wikipedia|article|link title|spr=language code}} (&c.)

The Latin template can't link to wikipedia articles with other names and to foreign non-Latin wikipedias. Thus it's not good compared to the English & German one. Problem: As this template is used in around (but ATM less than) 500 articles, though sometimes incorrectly, it seems not to be possible to simply improve this template. - 10:27, 9 Novembris 2014 (UTC)