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In other language categories—e.g. Lingua Havaiana, Lingua Clingonea, Lingua Polonica—been using special characters to make sure things sort correctly. With the default symbols you have in the navbox, š, ž, and å will display out of order in this category. Not sure what the best way to treat them would be. (At the moment, of course, it doesn't matter, since none of the headwords have those letters yet, but still...) —Mucius Tever 00:50, 30 Augusti 2007 (UTC)[reply]

In Finnish Wiktionary, š is alphabetized as s and ž as z. My suggestion: e.g. for article šakki, the categorization is marked: =={{-fi-|Sakki}}==. And å, then... Well, there are no Finnish words with å, unless Swedish/Danish/... proper nouns count. I don't think there will be any such words here; for example Århus would be Danish here (even though it's a wannabe-Finnish word at fi:Århus). --PeeKoo 19:23, 2 Septembris 2007 (UTC)[reply]
Well, it was the å I was most concerned about, because getting it to sort right would involve an unusual kludge on å, or a horribly inconvenient modification of ä. If the letter is that rare, though, the unusual kludge wouldn't be too bad. As for š and ž... are they supposed to sort with s and z? I had the impression they were to be sorted after [1]. —Mucius Tever 23:35, 2 Septembris 2007 (UTC)[reply]
This page explains the alphabetization standard SFS 4600. "Most diactitics like accents are ignored", it says and lists š and ž as examples. (And there's another thing worth noticing: v and w are sorted as if they were the same letter: vaara watti vuori. =={{-fi-|Vatti}}==)
I came to think of something else: the problem with å still exists, in other Scandinavian languages. The Swedish Wiktionary seems to simply ignore the problem and allow å to come after ä. --PeeKoo 18:19, 3 Septembris 2007 (UTC)[reply]
Okay, I think I see... that page does say sakki would be sorted before šakki, but this is like a secondary sort (so šakki should still come before sakset). Works for me. If we're sorting them together though, we should probably remove them from the index box (because the links won't point to a section that exists). —Mucius Tever 22:33, 3 Septembris 2007 (UTC)[reply]

What do you think of this:

I'm not sure about including the Å. No Finnish word has the letter in it, but when the Finnish alphabet is listed, Å is always mentioned. --PeeKoo 14:06, 4 Septembris 2007 (UTC)[reply]