E Victionario

Haec verba novicia sine historia usus sunt. Si cognoscas formas pristinas vel aptiores horum verborum, vel si possis fontes ratos praesentare [praeter Vicipaedia Latina, nisi fontem citat], in pagina disputationis disputa.

(Fontes rati compraehendunt usus in textu Latino interretiali [hoc est, non in glossariis] vel quodam fonte edito.)

Haec categoria pro verbis neolatinis institutis non est, nec licentia pro commentis!

These words are neologisms without a history of use. If you know of an earlier or a more apt form of any of these words, or if you can show an authentic source for the word [outside of the Latin Wikipedia, unless it's quoting a source], discuss it in the Talk: page.

(An authentic source includes use in running Latin text online [i.e., preferably not glossaries or wordlists] or any published source.)

This is not a category for established Neo-Latin terms. This is also not a license to make things up!


Hoc verbum novicium sine historia est. Si cognoscas formam pristinam vel aptiorem huius verbi, vel si possis fontem ratum praesentare, in pagina disputationis disputa.
  1. Cerŏchus* (-a, -um)