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script for wiktionaries[+/-]

Hi, sorry for English. Currently, there is a script which gives a definition of a word by double-clic. First developed for fr.wikinews, it's a javascript code. The italian version will be able in some days or weeks. You could see the script in action on fr:n:Special:Random for example. This code use the interface language for gives the definitions: preference in english, definitions from en.wiktionary; french -> fr.wiktionary... on the french wiktionary this code is use as a gadget: fr:Spécial:Préférences then select the Gadgets tab and click on Permet d’obtenir par double clic la définition d’un mot dans le Wiktionnaire. or the experimental last one. Related links:

externals links:

All we need is a translation of:

This request have a global interest; all projects could have the definitions from Victionarium. Let's see commons:User:Otourly/hover.

Regards, Otourly 20:18, 20 Novembris 2009 (UTC)

Before, you can test individually the English version on this site, by copying my User:JackPotte/monobook.js into yours. JackPotte 17:49, 21 Novembris 2009 (UTC)